International Women’s Day and Corporate Social Responsibility

March 8, 2017

I received products from Coca-Cola’s 5by20 program; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

It isn’t often that I get the pleasure of being asked to talk to you about a great cause, so I am particularly excited about this post. If you know much about me or my platforms, you know that I am such a huge advocate of empowering other women. Since today is International Women’s Day, I wanted to chat a little about corporate social responsibility and how it can relate to opportunity for women.

It’s hard to imagine as we sit at our laptops and enjoy our privilege and opportunity in this country, that there are women around the world who don’t have access to the resources they need to earn an income. I am of the opinion that issues like this can be remedied with the help from global corporations. While there are limitless causes that the corporate world can contribute to, giving women artisans in developing nations the skills and opportunity they need to support their family is undoubtedly high on the list. Today is the perfect day to celebrate an initiative put in place by Coca-Cola called 5by20.

This program was created seven years ago with the long term goal of empowering 5 million of these women by the year 2020. Women artisans around the world in over 60 countries (and counting) are learning to create beautiful and useful products from upcycled packaging through training, financial help, and mentoring.

It has been proven that women are 90% more likely to improve their family and community with their earnings. Therefore, when women succeed, entire communities succeed as a whole. There is substantial evidence of a direct relation between women’s empowerment and GDP growth.

There is an infinite list of causes that a corporation can choose to back or not. I am incredibly proud of Coca-Cola for their research and development in the world of empowering women. As a consumer, corporate social responsibility is very important to me, and I hope it is something you begin to think about, too.

These women are creating beautiful, useful items like these:

You can purchase some of these amazing handmade items here. How do you feel about corporations and their social responsibility? Does it affect whether or not you buy their product? I would love to hear your thoughts. Happy Women’s Day!


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