Let’s Talk About Postpartum Depression

February 8, 2017
This post was sponsored by Sage Therapeutics, the sponsor of The Hummingbird Study.

 Postpartum Depression. It’s a diagnosis that has become quite the household phrase. If you have been around my blog very long, you may know that I have struggled with this very disorder. So have many people close to me. It’s a subject I’m very passionate about and have been vocal about advocating for. I want to make sure that I share anything I find that could potentially bring awareness to this topic. That’s why I want to share information with you about a current clinical research study called The Hummingbird Study.

Crying a lot? Struggling to bond with baby? Anxious? Learn about a research study that may provide answers.

If you are currently suffering from moderate to severe postpartum depression symptoms, such as feeling sad, tearful, empty or hopeless you may qualify for a research study evaluating an investigational medication.The Hummingbird Study is a research study for women with moderate to severe postpartum depression who have had a baby within the last 6 months.

You may qualify to participate if you:

–  Are between 18 to 45 years old

–  Gave birth within the last 6 months

–  Frequently feel extremely sad, anxious, or overwhelmed and these symptoms are associated with postpartum depression

If you qualify and decide to participate, you will receive:

–  24-hour care and support for your postpartum depression during the 3-day, in-patient period

–  All study-related medical care and medication and provided at no cost

–  Any travel required to participate will be coordinated and paid for by Sage Therapeutics

Call 844-608- 0808, Text MOM8 to 87888, or visit thehummingbirdstudy.com to see if you pre-qualify.

This post is sponsored by Sage Therapeutics, the sponsor of the Hummingbird Study.

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