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Making Time for Me | Affordable Childcare for the Work-At-Home-Mom

June 1, 2017

Being a work-at-home Mom is undoubtedly a unique experience. It’s especially interesting as a creative professional. Doing anything from home with kids all over you is difficult in itself, but when your job relies heavily on creativity and quiet time to “think”, working from home is next to impossible. That quiet time I need to explore my thoughts and cultivate content is non-existent.…

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Pregnancy Update | Second Trimester Recap

May 26, 2017

Happy holiday weekend to everyone! I am beyond excited to have three lazy days with my little family. There’s a huge music festival going on here this weekend, so we are going to try and stay away from the traffic and just relax and maybe find some water to play in. I can’t believe I am already 29 weeks, you guys. This pregnancy is flying. In the last update, I mentioned that this has been my easiest pregnancy and it…

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Double Nursery with Davinci Baby

May 24, 2017

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I only have 11ish weeks before we have ANOTHER baby in the house! It’s true what they say about the third kid, they are lucky to get somewhere to sleep. I kid, but seriously- I am so behind on getting everything together for Lincoln! Not only that, but it turns out we are on the house hunt again and have to move again before he is born. Long story, you might have caught a…

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Pregnancy Essentials for Every Trimester

May 22, 2017

Hello, third trimester! I will be doing a pregnancy update really soon, but I wanted to go ahead and do a roundup of some of my personal favorites during my THIRD pregnancy. These items are all tried, tested and true. Each trimester comes with different woes, and I have an answer for lots of them!…

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How We Knew When Our Family Was Complete

May 16, 2017

I have often wondered how other families knew when they were done having kids. Or, how they knew they didn’t want children. It seems like such a huge commitment either way, right? As a woman, some days I wanted none, sometimes Grayson was more than enough, and other times I fantasized about having several. Can anyone else relate? I will be the first to admit that I know I am not innately Mother Goose. I struggle with keeping my life…

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4 Chores That I Hate (and Why They Are a Waste of Time)

May 13, 2017

This post is sponsored by Merry Maids. All opinions are my own. Mothers Day is in tomorrow and I have seen more posts on social media from moms wishing someone would BEGGING someone to clean their house for a gift. Not asking for jewelry… or a handbag… but, pleading with the internet to send a house cleaning fairy. What better time to send these pleas into the universe than the week of Mothers Day? Amen, sisters. I have to say,…

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Delicious and Easy End-Of-Year Teacher Gifts

May 12, 2017

This post was sponsored by Duncan Hines. All opinions are mine. If you are a teacher and I was to ask you what ONE thing you would want as a gift, what would it be? Let me guess. TIME? I think we would ALL love that gift. Unfortunately, since I’m not a magician, I can do the next best thing. I can give gifts that are easy, convenient, and fun- for people like teachers who are always on the move.…

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New Babies and The Great Car Seat Search

May 9, 2017

Hello, friends! First, let me start by busting a common myth. “All car seats are created equally” is a bit of a lie. Ask me how I know. My dear sweet second born hated the car. Actually, she still hates the car, but that’s another story. I have been through several car seats in an effort to find something she is comfortable in, so I fancy myself a bit of a car seat aficionado (kidding, kind of). With a new…

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Making Bath Time Easy and Fun with Aveeno

May 8, 2017

This post was sponsored by iHerb. All opinions are my own. Bath time can either be the most fun or the least fun. It depends a lot on your particular children and the routine you have set up. Grayson liked baths, Charlie is very temperamental and likes to use bathtime as an opportunity to find new ways to hurt herself. It’s always exciting… My first words of advice are about how frequently to actually bathe them. Do not stress yourself…

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Mothers Day Gifts For Every Love Language

May 6, 2017

With one week until Mothers Day, you are probably seeing ALL THE GIFT GUIDES right now. As bloggers, we are here to do the shopping for you and be a resource for all the gift giving holidays! I started thinking, though, what if “gifts” aren’t everyone’s love language? For example, it’s definitely not mine.…

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Tips and Tricks for a Toddler Topknot

April 28, 2017

This conversation was sponsored by Goody. All opinions are 100% mine. You may have seen my Instagram post last week where I briefly talked about the struggles of doing Charlie’s hair. Toddler girl hair can be a challenge! It’s wild and constantly in her face, but she hates sitting still long enough for me to put it up. Not only that, but it can be a bit tricky to style thanks to the fine texture of baby hair. I wanted…

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5 Ways To Simplify Self-Care During Pregnancy

April 27, 2017

This conversation was sponsored by #BumpUpYourCalcium during Pregnancy with #Viactiv. All opinions are my own. If there was ever a time in my life that I am looking for shortcuts, it is NOW. You guys, being pregnant with my third while trying to manage my other two kids is exhausting in every sense of the word. I know that I should be taking extra steps to take care of my body and mind, but most of the time it’s the…

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How To Get Your Big Kid To Brush Their Teeth

April 25, 2017

This conversation was sponsored by Therabreath. All opinions are 100% my own. Do your big kids hate brushing their teeth as much as mine do? I’m gonna get real and say it’s not even my favorite thing to do. I hate it. It’s annoying and I don’t like the aftertaste. I know, I’m weird. I still do it, ok? Stop judging me.…

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