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10 Reasons Facebook Mom Groups Are The Best

January 28, 2016

Disclaimer: Not all Facebook Mom Groups are beautiful, wonderful places. I have joined (and left) a few that were not great. Whether they were too judgmental, a breeding ground for shaming, too dramatic, too bias, or simply not moderated well; they weren’t for me. However, I have found a couple of gems that I couldn’t live without. A good Mom Group prides itself on being a safe place for moms to talk openly and always encourages healthy conversation. It is…

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What’s Wrong With Her Face?

January 12, 2016

My infant daughter, Charlie Kate has a large “birthmark” on her face called a capillary hemangioma. To be specific, it’s about 5cm x 6cm. It is usually the first thing people notice about her. I know, because it’s usually the first thing that people comment on. I try, daily, to remind myself that most humans are kind and well intentioned. I don’t get angry about brief stares. I understand that it’s human nature to do a double take when you…

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Belated Farewell to 2015

January 11, 2016

It’s already half way through January. What the what? Between my new role as a super sleuth (that gets lost in Redditt rabbit holes) cracking the “Making a Murderer” case, and my {real} life- it seems I have taken quite the blogging hiatus. Oops. Before too much of the new year has passed, I did want to kind of revisit the last year in a post. My blog serves to be many things, but one important goal for me is…

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The New Productive

December 7, 2015

I have been rudely introduced to the (not so new) concept that the definition of productivity and daily success are completely different for someone without tiny children and someone with tiny children. First, you need to know this about me. I am happiest with symmetry, order, zero clutter, and eye pleasing decor placement. In my history, having a house that was baby proof, aka- a glorified padded room, was not easy for my inner craziness. As my oldest child grew…

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10 Things a Postpartum Mom (REALLY) Wants.

November 19, 2015

I had a baby girl three months ago. She is my second child, with a six year gap between the two. It’s safe to say I was pretty far removed from newborn life. I have been SO blessed to have had so much support in my “fourth trimester” this time around. From 0-12 weeks, baby is transitioning to life outside the womb, and mom is trying to get to know a brand new person who is likely making life a…

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Thoughts on Thankfulness

November 16, 2015

We’re half way through November. The “Month ‘O Gratitude”. While we rapidly scroll through everyone’s “daily thankful for” status updates on Facebook, I want to challenge all of us to go inside, deeper than our ego, and take it a step further. It’s easy to sit down and have a few fleeting thoughts about what we are grateful for. Most of us have become accustomed to feeling generally “blessed” that our fundamental needs are met. However, maybe to really demonstrate…

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The Thanksgiving Tree

November 10, 2015

Before I begin here, you should know that I’m one of the obnoxious people that can’t wait to decorate for Christmas as soon as Halloween candy hits the clearance aisle. This year, as sort of a happy medium; I decided to do a “Thanksgiving Tree”. …

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From One to Two

November 5, 2015

So, I had a baby three months ago. THREE MONTHS. I know everyone says that infancy goes by so fast – yadda yadda – but seriously. If you think it goes by fast with the first kid, just wait on the second. I’m assuming time is flying faster this go ’round because I am busier and my attention is split in more directions. When I say “three months” out loud, it sounds weird. Like she can’t possibly be that old.…

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