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Baby Proofing In Style

May 11, 2016

I’ve partnered with Rugs USA to bring you this post. I was gifted a rug. All opinions and content are mine. As a stay at home mom, our living room is mine and the kids’ central location. We don’t have another family room or a playroom, so I try to do my best at making the main part of the house safe for Charlie to play, but also not like my house turned into a daycare center. Not that there’s…

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Five Essentials for Teething

April 13, 2016

To all of you who had babies who teethe silently, here’s a virtual punch in the arm. Charlie doesn’t teethe silently. She teethes violently and loudly and I am pretty sure she has been teething since birth. She has two little teeth on the bottom nowadays, and now that I am a seasoned veteran in the teething department (hardy har har), I have some recommendations for you guys.…

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Spring Kicks | Classic Dot Shop Moccasins

April 5, 2016

There’s a new Mocc Shop in town! It’s no big secret that baby moccasins are a major trend right now. And yes, they are cute, but they have a much larger value in my world. My babies have fat feet. Grayson literally couldn’t wear shoes until he was like two years old. If only moccasins had been a thing back then!…

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